Cities with snow shovel

Weather Warning!

Winter has truly arrive this week here in Scotland, with temperatures plummeting well into the negative region. The Met Office have warned that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take a shovel, blankets/sleeping bag, extra clothing (including scarf, hat & gloves), 24-hour supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, torch, spare battery, petrol can,

Cleaning Vitus with muc-off


Weekends are amazing! My job is brilliant because we can finish up after lunch on a Fri and the weekend therefore feels longer. Usually, especially in the winter, I will find myself either on Fri or Sat afternoon cleaning the week’s muck off the bike. I’ve got this down to a fine art now so

Shiny 105 5700 cassettes

Oooh Shiney!

Look what came in the post this week. Lovely shiney new cassettes. Must say I’m pretty pleased with how quickly they came from a Taiwanese eBay seller. They look so good and fresh it’s almost a shame to use them. Use them I must though. The old ones on my winter ride have been getting