February shorts

Double First

As the whole of the UK will be well aware of now, the weather this week has been awesome! Temperatures of over 20ยฐC have been recorded for the first time ever during a UK winter. Although not quite so hot here in Scotland, it has still been incredible to cycle commute in. 1st First This

Sunrise over vitus

Operation Close Pass

I remember being surprised in my Milestone #1 post last week about not being shouted/beeped at until Wed morning. Of course this occurs only from a tiny minority of drivers when you consider the many thousands of vehicles I pass on the daily commute. However, it is still unpleasant at best to say the least. Well, for some

Breakfast muffin ingredients (uncooked)

Breakfast Muffins

Getting to work after a full hour of effort can leave you feeling totally ravenous. It’s essential to replace those lost calories as soon as possible and I normally make sure I have a second breakfast almost immediately after reaching my desk. Often I’ll take bagels or croissants and I went through a period of