Eyes open binman


Does anyone else take as long as me to wake up in the morning? No matter how many alarms I set there are days when I really struggle to drag myself out of bed. Sometimes I’m very thankful of a 4 year old kicking and nagging me to go downstairs! However, once dressed and breakfasted

Milestone #3

Milestone #3

Spring sunshine has been making the commutes so much easier lately. I never ever regret taking the bike to work but good weather just makes it so enjoyable. It’s brilliant to wake up to blue skies without thinking you are going to get cold and the anticipation of the return journey home in the afternoon

Breakfast Wrap Assembly

Breakfast Wraps

Weekend prep work usually concerns bike cleaning and maintenance tasks. However, perhaps almost as important is preparing food to bring with me and fuel the commute. The most important of these is my breakfast when I get to the office. If I don’t refill those calories I just cannot concentrate properly and my stomach will

Rapeseed Sky

April Light

April Heatflask April is complete. April was a good month. Not only did I have a holiday in the middle of it but the weather made the commutes even more joyous than usual. The holiday meant that less mileage was completed but I don’t remember getting wet very often, the wind was quite tame and