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In recent weeks my youngest has started doing the school run by cycling there and back. A combination of better weather and my car being off the road made this possible / necessary. Without a doubt these have been the most fun rides I’ve had in the past month!

Sure, we might sometimes amble along at 6mph. There might be walkers and dogs to avoid on the route and we might sometimes get cold hands and muddy bottoms. But seeing the joy on her face as we spin along makes me so happy.

We are very fortunate to be able to be able to go the whole way without crossing or even cycling beside any roads. There are multiple routes and we sometimes stop to look at / feed the ducks or go to the play-park if there is time. Also, the previously mentioned dogs are also now a regular game where we count the number we pass each day (FYI the current record is 24 in one day).

She has also outgrown the bike in the video above, so it was a very joyous day a couple of weeks ago when she picked up a new bike! Aย Ridgebackย Destinyย with 24″ wheels should suit perfectly for a couple of years.ย 

New Bike Day!

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The school run does not always fall to me however. My wife is able to step in when she is not working and one of my sons has also done it when not at college. Generally this works great, but there was one day when I got a call at my desk 10 minutes before the school was out.

My wife had got half-way there and the chain came off the front mech with no obvious way to fix it. Thankfully I was able to talk her through it on a video call: by releasing the chain tension with the rear mech and wrapping the chain back onto the front chain rings. She was able to get to school only slightly greasy and a little bit sweaty. I’m sure many other parents looked a lot worse!

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