Most of my regular followers probably have a good idea how awesome I think cycle commuting is. One of the great things I’ve found by doing this blog is meeting fellow commuters from across the globe who share my viewpoint. Not only are they an encouragement, they also provide amazing insight and social interaction. It’s brilliant to learn about what cycle commuting is like in other countries as well as the challenges faced and good times enjoyed.

This made me think about sharing some of these stories on my blog, so I’ve now set up a members area where people can say a bit about their cycle commute and share their story. Hopefully it will be interesting and encouraging in equal measure!

Rider #1 is now published and perhaps appropriately he commutes in the cycle capital of the world – the Netherlands.

Head over to the Members page to read about @garethmate and perhaps give him a follow on one of his social media channels. He also has a really interesting website about outdoor activities and takes amazingly beautiful photos.

Everyone is welcome to join – please just fill in the Web form and I’ll get back to you!

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