Remembering the views


These days I don’t actually get in to the office all that often, so I really need to make a conscious effort in the act of remembering what to bring with me on the cycle commute. It used to be second nature and I would gather all my things with barely a thought given. Now

Member Stories

Most of my regular followers probably have a good idea how awesome I think cycle commuting is. One of the great things I’ve found by doing this blog is meeting fellow commuters from across the globe who share my viewpoint. Not only are they an encouragement, they also provide amazing insight and social interaction. It’s

january blues crying

January Blues

Does anyone feel a bit down through January? It can be a hard month for people, cyclists and non-cyclists alike. The short hours of daylight, the low temperature and the miserable weather (wind/rain/snow) all add up. Holidays are over and the excitement of Christmas and New Year is but a memory. Not to mention the